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August 16 - International Stray Animals Day
August 16 is the International Stray Animals Day
On the 16th of August the International Stray Animals Day is celebrated all around the world. Mainly this date doesn’t connote anything pleasant, in our country anyway. Those who don’t really care about stray pets just groan scornfully: what else to speak about? Those who protect animals and sympathize their problems also sadly take note that on this day we only can sum up the sorrowful results and hope for the better. The 16th of August is another chance to melt the heart of powerful people power, sponsors and those who squeamishly turn their back on the stray four-footed creature.
In 1992 the  International Society for Animal Rights (USA) introduced International Stray Animals Day celebrated each year on the third Saturday of August. American animal rightists wanted to inform as many people as possible abut the tragic reality of American pet shelters. One would think: what can such an advanced society envied by every admirer of «Animal planet» channel complain about? But the payment for the absence of stray animals in the streets of American cities and towns is high: thousands of lives cut short through euthanasia in shelters of unlimited admission. The members of International Society for Animal Rights wanted to tell it in public as well as to remind about the necessity of spaying which can prevent the overpopulation of animals. The suggestion was welcomed by animal rightists from different countries and soon the 16th of august became known as the International Stray Animals Day.
On this day human rightists from different countries hold various activities, which at first sight seem to be entertaining, such as concerts, quizzes, contest games, dog fashion shows, doing their best to send the message about our responsibility for the pets. The root of the problem lies in the overpopulation of animals and uncontrolled fertility. In many countries searching new owners for homeless pets is a popular activity. A necessary tradition are Candlelight Vigils for homeless pets who were killed by people or those who died through euthanasia while waiting for their owners in the shelters.
Every year more and more countries support the initiative of celebrating the International Stray Animals Day. Ukraine is not an exception as in our country this problem is rarely solved in humane ways. So for us this day is another way to melt people’s heart explaining them that animals feel pain in the same way as we do. That they have no home through the fault of ours and through no fault of theirs. And that we have the power to help homeless animals lead a happy life in a warm home with kind owners.
And if on this day even a single person in each city, town or village considers this problem for the first time, gives a home for a stray creature or just changes disgust into sympathy for it – this day is not celebrated in vain!

Inna Rafienko,
Marina Bessarabova
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