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It was night in a deadly hot summer of 2010. A stray shaggy dog was sitting under a counter. He was trying to find out with the help of stars when the morning is finally going to come. In the morning Zinaida Petrovna, who is selling those things which people wear on their paws, will come. The woman will give him some water and certainly she will bring him something tasty. “Heh! It’s so long to wait” the dog thought. He decided to find something to drink by himself.
“It’s so hot that even puddles have dried up, and somebody turned over my bowl. If only I could take off my fur like people do when spring comes. I would give it with Zinaida Petrovna to keep and when leaves turn yellow take it back.”
Deep in his thoughts, the dog walked along the road looking for water. He didn’t notice a car in the distance, which swerved this way, then that way, and it’s already here. The dog tried to jump sideways but it was too late – his paw got in between… and he was dragged on the asphalt. A wild whine resounded through the streets of the district and didn’t stop for few minutes. Lights were turned on in flats.
The dog was lying on the road, he didn’t know if he was dead or alive. Little by little the mist before his eyes cleared. The dog tried to get up. His body and his hind paw ached all over. “Why is it so difficult to go? Why am I reeling so much? My paw aches so badly…” The Shaggy dog sat, he wanted to leek his aching paw, but his tongue stumbled on a bare bone much higher the place the paw must be. “There’s no more paw” the dog thought and became quiet.
The dog didn’t remember the way he got the counter where he lived. Perhaps, it was that ancient instinct which is still called zest for life. He remembered only the face of Zinaida Petrovna, who bent over him crying, and some liquid pouring on his paw. Probably it rained early in the morning, because there were so many puddles around. Unfortunately, the rain began too late.
Zinaida Petrovna sat by the dog the whole day and night saying her prayers. She couldn’t do anything more for him. The woman didn’t trust doctors. Passer-by suggested the dog should be put down so that he didn’t suffer, but Zinaida Petrovna didn’t agree. She kept on saying prayers and believing in a miracle. It’s not known, how she imagined the healing of the dog with a torn-off paw without an operation but the miracle happened and in a very strange way! The point is you must want something very much and it will definitely happen!
It happened that people who passed by decided to help the dog even without Zinaida Petrovna’s consent and they stole him. Stole to save!
It happened the fourth day when the dog was lying half alive with his bloody stump in a puddle. The dog had a fever and water made him feel cooler and better. People were passing by. The dog paid no more attention to them. Suddenly a blanket entwine round his body, somebody’s hands lifted him and took him into an iron box. The door closed and the box started moving. He used to bark sometimes at cars – and it was that box – to show he wasn’t afraid of them. It was very interesting and curiosity even made him feel a bit better. Soon the car stopped, the dog was taken out, lied on a table. A shot in his paw and the mist before his eyes again.
“Strange feelings, am I swimming or flying? Why am I feeling sick? And where am I?” the dog thought again and went out again.
When he recovered the paw ached still but in another way. Or to be more exact not his paw but what remained of it. But his general condition was better: the sickness left, he was hungry and thirsty. Soon a bowl with tinned meat was placed in front of him. “Take, Bantik” the doctors said. “Now everything will be good”. The doctors didn’t lie to him. Life came to normal: the dog got a name, a temporary dog kennel, regular food. To be honest the chain prevents him very much, but the main thing is communicating with people, and people, good and caring people, are here.
They promised Bantik that the person, who will take him with forever, soon will come. The person will become his friend, he will love him, talk to him in evenings and take for walks to the forest. Bantik is waiting for this Person and hopes to meet him soon. Bantik has visited Zinaida Petrovna, he was very glad to see her, but he can’t live at the street, under the counter.
Bantik is absolutely content dog, absence of the paw doesn’t affect the way he feels and even the speed he moves. His favorite pastimes are running and jumping. The Owner! Bantik is waiting for you. We believe you will meet, Bantik and his Owner. The main thing is to want something very very much and it will definitely happen!
To see Bantik please call his caretaker Tatiana 337-40-75, 067-576-53-52