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  I am Vasya.
Uh-huh-uh-huh! Oh, look at me, I am perishing! I am lost, lost! The villain-cat, probably, the owner of this awful court yard, has attacked on me and has scratched an eye. My God, My God, how painful it is!!! One eye is pulled out but I feel ache everywhere! Now I howl, I howl, but will it help me?!
And what did I do wrong to him? I was sitting on the porch and thinking of life. It was the first time outside. People have offended me. And here a cat almost killed me.
Ah, people, people! I have been taken away from mum and have been thrown out, as garbage, from apartment... I had everything: mum-cat, apartment in the center of the city, and owners as I thought … Mum … my mu-u-u-um … Do you know what a good mother I have? Although I am already 3 month old, I am still on the breast feeding because my mother is very loving and careful. My hair is clean till now and fluffy – my mum was washing it during the whole morning. It is evening now and I am sitting near the house. I feel like mum is nearby, but I can’t find it. U-u-u-u-u...
I have an unbearable headache and the prospect is visible to me absolutely distinctly: tomorrow the eye will inflame and it is very dangerous now because of the hot weather. There are not many questions, but all of them are vital: what should I do with an eye? How can a terrible pain be appeased? Where are bowls here? Where should I go? Who will help? Who needs me, except the mum from whom I have been taken away?
The woman with bags has come into a court yard. Bags are full, probably, she went to the market. The woman is good and kind. I see it at once. She won't throw out the cat, what big bags she is bearing for it! Ma-aaaaaaa … There are no more forces to suffer! What an awful pain! And for what?! How have I earned it? I am just a child; I was with mummy and didn’t any harm.
– Pussycats-pussycats-pussycats, why do you cry a little creature? What has happened to you?
She is speaking to me! Oh, I have her to like me! It is necessary to collect all the forces and to snuggle up to her feet and to purr – people like it. May be she will take me. May be she doesn't have a cat and she will need me! But how can she like me with a blood-stained muzzle? Oh, I even can’t purr. U-u-u-u-u... No, nobody needs me, just mummy.
– Baby, who has done it to you? You need a doctor! What a horror!
The kind woman had cats already, 6 ones. I was well-accepted and one aunt-cat even allowed to me her breast. The flat is cozy, meal is excellent. I was taken to the doctor at once, the eye has been sewn up, now it simply seems that I have winked, and I do not want to open an eye.
It is good to live here, but it is impossible to leave me here for ever – it is hard to Lyudmila Grigorevna to cope with 6 cats, and here also her father felt ill and she have to go to another city every week. Also she has problems with her health, the pressure changes constantly. I help her as I can – I climb on shoulders, closer to a head, and purr. It is useful, my mum said to me. Well, she is searching for the owner for me. I understand it; I do not take an offense. And to be a favorite pet is also not a must for me already. The Red cat is very impudent. He is only a couple of months older than me but he picks up on me every time.
Of course, I have already grown up and I can seem to be inconsistent, and not thoroughbred I am, and I have a usual coloring. But I am a very good boy! I am able to purr that you will listen with delight! I will climb on a shoulder even if you have your head over heels, I will keep! And I will purr. Aha! And I have a beautiful, notable nose. Recently the young lady visited us and she was so impressed what a notable I am. Really! I even have a thought that she is my new owner, but she also has animals and helps them.
You, the Owner, come for me soon. I am waiting for you very much. Don’t think, I bear no grudge against people. I have understood that not all people are the same as my previous owner. And among cats we can also meet monsters – my eye is evidence. Come, look at me, I think, you will like me. I have a gold character. And I don't forget kindness. I will wait for your call. 777-00-81, 096-239-76-32. Oh, I almost forgot! Now I am Vasya. Yup