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When we hear the phrase "four legged friend" we as a rule remember dogs. Lovely Lialia had another situation: she survived after a horrible accident, was operated and lost one leg. Yes, this puppy sustained fhisical injuries, but didn't become less tender, smart or obedient. Although the dog suffered a lot in her childhood she is kind and responsive. She likes playing with other dogs and the lack of one leg doesn't bother her. This lovely dog is looking for a new owner and hopes not to be let alone in this world. Lialia is not picky, very smart and sweet. She will become your friend and your guardian. All Lialia needs is your love, a little bit of your attention and a small place in your yard. The dog is neutered.  
To know Lialia more closely please call her foster mom Dina (756-04-54, 067-918-91-10).