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Rocky is a dog with a very tragic life. Till the age of 8 he'd lived with an owner, who was an alcoholic and abused his dog. But Rocky, being a very kind and
loyal dog, loved his owner no matter what. One day that man was very drunkand chased his dog with the pitchfork. Somehow Rocky stayed alive and even managed to escape.

He started living in the streets. From time to time people fed him and one day a lady felt sorry for him and adopted him. Rocky made good friends with her two cats and he was just so happy to be at home again. But the owner let him outside for a walk all by himself. During one of that walks, a stranger decided to torture an innocent dog. He started shooting at Rocky and hit his front leg. And again Rocky managed to escape and even got home, wounded but alive.
Treatment didn't help and his leg was amputated.

After all the sufferings that Rocky had to go through another horrible thing happened to him! And it almost killed him. This time he wasn't hurt with a pitchfork or with a gun, no, he was hurt with a man's betrayal. His owner moved to the other country and surrendered her faithful friends-Rocky and two cats.

Pretty soon cats found new homes, but Rocky wasn't that lucky...He stayed in the streets. And he is still there: betrayed and abandoned. This old three-legged dog wonders around searching for food and for a shelter.

Please, look at him! His eyes are filled with pain and sorrow, but there is still a little hope, a hope for a better life, a hope to find a loving owner. If you are the one, please call +38 503 83 43 or +38 093 771 02 25