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Exposed to the winds, at a cold platform puppies were born. How much puppies were there? Nobody remembers. And to tell the truth, nobody counted how many there were. Who cares about it? Who cares about these kids among eternally late, hastening and worrying people whose train leaves soon, whose electric train is late!
Where all puppies have gone – nobody knows, but only Manjunja remained on the platform. There was no place for her to go. And Maniunia spent day after day on a platform, hiding on it from rain in summer, from snow in winter and from cruel people.
Then bigger dog sorrows have begun. The first thing that has fallen to Maniunia, that she has lost a forepaw. Licking a stump for a long time, the dog hid under a platform. Her grief was large. The pain was intolerable.
But the thirst of life and youth has won. The paw has started to heal, dry up gradually, but Maniunia constantly was injuring a stump, and the paw started to bleed again. Again and again it was necessary to lick the paw with her rough tongue, hoping for a miracle.
How long Maniunia looked at backs of people passing in such moments. She was waiting that someone from them will take pity on her. Perhaps, someone will allow her to follow him? Then Maniunia would follow him, despite a pain and a trauma. But one by one people passed by the three pawed doggie without paying any attention.
And again the destiny has prepared a new blow for Maniunia. At first a bump, which appeared suddenly, began to disturb her. Of course, Maninia couldn't know that it was a venereal sarcoma. She didn’t know such words. The cone increased and started to bleed and deliver the big inconveniences and pain. At this particular time Maniunia has realized with her dog mind that all good in her life has ended and it is necessary to be going to die. She was lying for days, even without paying attention to food. And indifferent people were passing her as usual. But Maniunia only occasionally looked at them: who cares about her? There was every likelihood that they didn’t see her at all!
But it appeared that there are people who are able to see. Once, happy-go-lucky, on station Olga has come. She was amazed with an obedient sight of a suffering dog. And Olga has decided to help an unfortunate animal.
But Maniunia was waiting for the help too long. She didn't trust people any more. Several days people were trying to catch Manjunja and to bring her to clinic. But every time Maniunia, collecting the last forces, escaped from them and hid in such places which are known only to dogs, that used to live at station.
But people have appeared more creative, and, eventually, they managed to catch Maniunia. What she was thinking about while she was carried to clinic, only dog knows. Her eyes expressed only fear and humility. She didn’t have forces to struggle any more.
In clinic Maniunia have been operated, neutered, and the long course of regenerative treatment has started. Step by step Manjunja began to return to life.
Now Manjunja lives in a paid foster home. She has the kennel, which Maniunia protects as the most valuable treasure. She willingly sits on a chain and threateningly growls at strangers. But every time when this "stranger" shows caress, her eyes lighten with joy. There is a hope, which seemed to be lost during the long expectation on a platform, hope that this "stranger" is her owner whom she was looking out in crowd of people eternally hastening somewhere by her so much.
The owner! If you were lost and you can’t be found! Maniunia is waiting for you very much!. You can learn more about her by phone, having contacted her trustees Elena (050-400-58-64) and Olga (068-888-87-99).
Come quicker! Otherwise Maniunia will have to return on a cold platform on which she simply can not survive …