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In the beginning of March 2010 a tiny puppy was thrown out near the Moscowsky market.  Caring people working at the market helped the baby to survive; they fed her, left warm bedding. They named the puppy Belochka. The doggie became attached to her caretakers very much and in the beginning of a working day she used to accompany somebody of them home. But in July an accident happened.  Belochka was accompanying a man who often fed her and on her way back she was hit by a train. The next morning all her “human friends” were very surprised and worried – the doggie didn’t appear at her “working place”. She disappeared… But by the end of the day Belochka literally crept there: blood-stained, without her right foreleg. A woman wasn’t taken aback and took the little dog to the veterinary hospital.
Belochka had spent in the hospital three weeks until she fully recovered. The little dog was neutered; she had undergone the whole veterinary treatment. After it the caretakers took Belochka to her former inhabitation and began an active search of owners for Belochka. But one more misfortune fell to eight-month’s puppy’s lot: she was run over by a car again and got a serious fracture of her hind leg. The caretakers again took her to the hospital at once where she got medical treatment.
Now Belochka is at a foster home in her hind leg. The caretakers do believe the leg will be saved and do their best so that the kid recovered.
After the hospital it’s quite impossible that the doggie who has suffered so much should be returned to the market: a little creature without a leg – she’s too vulnerable in our cruel city.
Belochka is an ideal dog for a flat, she’s compact and modest. Besides she’s clever and devoted, so she will become the best friend of her future owner. The owner, Belochka is waiting for you!
To get to know Belochka more closely please call her caretakers Lidia Nikolaevna (714-73-74, 093-121-71-08) and Karina (097-503-83-43, 093-77-10-225).