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Love...What do you know about love? My Mom loved me so much, she had the most loving eyes in the whole world! But when I grew older I was separated from my Mom, because I moved to live in a different house. That's how my new life began. I wished with all my heart we had lived with my new owner in a perfect harmony. But she got mad at me every time I had health issues, well, I'm allergic and need a special diet...

As a result I was abandoned...Well, things happen...But I still believe in love and hope that one day someone will love me just like my dear Mom did.Yes, I do remember how my owner put me into a big bag, then carried me somewhere and threw me away just like a garbage bag.

Later people found me on the streets terrified and starved to death. They brought me to a new house and I completely forgot my old name and my previous owner there. But it wasn't exactly my home, it was a foster home where I lived waiting for a new owner. A year passed and my foster parents had exausted every option for keeping me. They decided it was time to put me
asleep. But then I heard I would be moving to another foster home.

My name is Kleo now. Kleo is short for Kleopatra, an Egyaptian queen. And I have a friend Rita. She is my new foster Mom, she cares about me and buys me special food(I don't really know why, but I can't eat regular food for cats). Rita thinks that I'm the best cat ever! Well, I'm a cat with excellent litter box etiquette and very friendly to people and other animals. And, yes, I love to play!!!

But it looks like nobody wants me to be their pet, may be because of my thin fur or my skinny legs. I don't want to believe that there is something wrong with me... 

My dear owner! I've been waiting for you for more than a year. I hope that one day you'll come and you'll take me to a real loving home. If you want to learn more about me or to meet me, 
please don't hesitate to call my foster mom Rita: +38 098 578 93 26