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Part 1. The first portion of homeless life.

She was named not with a dog name - Dyne. In honor of mum that was large black bitch and a head of the whole pack. Since spring and till the first autumn, the puppy was basking in the sun, sucking mummy and biting other relatives. She made some of passers happy because it was impossible to look at the Dyne and not to smile. Some people were disturbed by her. The dog’s happiness did not last for a long. «Humanism our way» - and at once all people whom she loved have disappeared from her life. With a piece of the poisoned meat she has tried the first portion of homeless life. She has survived but remained alone like a man on the moon.
Part 2. Life in a booth shadow.

Growing in the street was not a sweet thing. After hot summer the cold autumn has come. The cardboard shelter couldn’t rescue her from rain and wind. But the weather conditions didn't make Dyne upset. She was smiling, wagging her tail and was glad to any kind word and gesture. Everything seems to be good but one October day she was hit by the car. Open fracture of a hind leg, set of bruises and pain, a lot of pain... The trustees saw a dog in such way. She was taken to a veterinary clinic where she was given first aid, but it was not possible to save the paw.
Part 3. The new name, new life … and the new owner?

She put on a lot of trials so not every person would be able to manage. And, as a matter of fact, she is only a dog’s child. Now she is 7-8 months old, her name is Dehli, she lives in a foster home. It is very cozy there; food is always given in time, but … it not the house. She is a clever, delicate and incredibly charming doggie. She is a real smiley-dog! Look in her unfathomable eyes… – is she not that friend you were dreaming about? 

To know Dehli better, you can contact her trustees Elena (098-408-10-54, 063-641-08-35) and Olga (097-741-85-59)