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Jack… Who is Jack? There is Jack London, Jack the Ripper and even Jack Sparrow. But we are not speaking about them now. We are speaking about a charming dog, whose name is Jack.
The first part of Jack’s life is lost in mystery. Maybe we would never know about Jack but… but for an accident: Jack was hit by a car. Nobody knows how it happened except the driver who did it. But most likely he doesn’t remember an ordinary dog, whose life turned over after their meeting. One could have said his life finished except for kind people who brought the crippled dog to the Kharkiv veterinary hospital. At that moment Jack was able only to breathe. Doctors only shook their heads with doubt without hope to save the dog. One could only set hopes upon a miracle: there was a double fracture of spinal column and many injuries. Was there any chance to bring Jack to the normal dog’s life? But everybody wanted a miracle very much. And those kind people made up their minds to believe a miracle and pay for doctors’ efforts to perform it.
And the miracle happened. It couldn’t but happened as so many people believed, hoped and made their prayers for the dog. Everybody’s efforts were not in vain. The dog returned to life. Jack walks. He has even learned to fawn again. It seemed the most terrible was over. But… Jack became distrustful, he was afraid of people. No less difficult process of the socialization of the dog began. But as the saying goes constant dropping wears away a stone. And as slowly Jack was rising at his legs, as slowly he learned to trust people. And as he learned to stand on his legs he learned to be friendly and kind as well.
And now Jack must face his happiness. And definitely there must be a kind and responsible owner who is ready to return Jack’s devotion with real human love. But Jack needs special care after his injury. He can’t live in a cold kennel and be kept on a chain. He can’t be stressed, but if you have a loving and kind owner are any stresses possible? He needs an accurate eating pattern. But in truth it’s all is not so much and difficult as it may seem. Jack needs home and care. And now having learned to trust people, getting only kindness in the past year, Jack will return his most devoted dog’s faithfulness for usual love and care. You won’t find a better friend!
The Owner! Jack is waiting for you. And he trusts you. Please respond!
To get to know Jack more closely please call his caretaker Elena Vladislavovna +38-050-400-58-64