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Manyunya, the church dog











Desire to live: a story of a “church” dog
This is Tiny

Her name is Tiny. Not because she’s so small - she’s a pretty grown up dog – a couple years old. And not because she’s so tiny – she is an average sized dog. She is called Tiny because despite her age and height, she is very defenseless and fragile; she only has part of her two rear legs. She was lucky a couple of times in her life, like it was a wonder. Let’s hope that there is no limit to wonders, and Tiny will get another chance to have a long and happy life
The first wonder
The bright lights of a trolley that ran past puppies that were trying to warm up on the railways, divided Tiny’s life into “before” and “after.”
“Before” was a relatively carefree and careless life with sisters and mother on the property of a church. Not everyone from that church was glad to have Tiny’s family there, but Tiny didn’t understood a lot about people yet, so she wasn’t worried about it.
But Tiny doesn’t remember the moment of the tragedy; the terrible pain the trolley brought with it drowned out everything else, and took instead Tiny’s two legs. Rather halves of her two legs. The fact that Tiny, a homeless dog no one cared about, survived a trauma like this, is the first wonder.
Second Wonder
The second wonder is the fact that Tiny on her two and two half legs learned how to walk as well as her healthy fellows (pack mates?). Her disability isn’t even noticeable at first. Only if you look carefully you can see that she has a peculiar gait. But it didn’t prevent her from running away from people who were hurting her. Now the puppy was doing that a lot. She learned more about these bipeds, and this knowledge didn’t bring her any happiness.
Third wonder
The situation in the church had become worse. People didn’t want to tolerate Tiny and her sisters and mother anymore. Normally, if they don’t meet kind people who won’t abandon them, that would be the end of dogs’ lives. The story about Tiny appeared on the Internet and television. Caring people pooled their savings and paid for the sterilization of the dogs and their temporary shelter.
Tiny, being already a two year old dog, had learned that humans can not only drive away and throw rocks, but also pet, care and tell her nice words.
And then the third wonder happened: a woman who was bringing food to Tiny took her home. The dog acted as if she was born again. Now she had her own place, own bowl, she was fed and loved. It seemed like everything was in the past.

Black period
Everything goes away, says an old proverb. Tiny’s suffering and ordeals had sunk into oblivion. But then the end of the happy time in her life came. The family that took Tiny had a hard time in their life. Deep in grief, they couldn’t find strength to continue taking care of her. So Tiny doesn’t have a master again. She was taken away from her home, and she looked down on the floor of a car with confusion and sadness, without understanding why she was being taken away by strangers and what will happen next.

Will we have the fourth wonder?
During the first days at her new residence, that is her temporary shelter, Tiny looked frighten, expecting new trouble. But everyone is treating her well, and her heart is melting again.
She is looking forward to finding a new loving and caring master. For Tiny he will be a real fourth wonder in her hard dog’s life. But there is nothing unreal in becoming Tiny’s master. You simply open your heart to her, give her a corner in your house and a bowl of food. Tiny is modest, obedient and unpretentious.
If you want to become a master for Tiny or pay for her temporary shelter, call 0509510555 for Kate or 0993543050 for Tanya.