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Kharkov dwellers were asked not to breed stray animals
Julia Yarmolenko. Kharkov dwellers were asked not to breed stray animals -
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The world celebrates the Day of cats and dogs who were compelled begging on landfills. Nowadays this is very actual topic about Murka and Sharic (collective name for cats and dogs at the Soviet Union), who have to live in basements and in the place for garbage. That is why our animal advocates have decided to go out on the streets to talk about this problem with residents of Kharkov. Meeting was held on the central avenue behind the Shevchenko’s monument. Although this place was not overcrowded, and there were limited quantity of people who were interested in photo gallery of homeless animals, the representatives of Animal Help League were satisfied. 
- Today we have decided to talk with our residents about neutering their pets, - a member of League Marina Bessarabova told to correspondents. - As you know our city dwellers become the reason for increasing of homeless animals’ army. For example, someone’s cat gave birth to kittens. The question arises for the cat’s owners what to do with this litter. They decide to take the litter to the local market and pay 100 hrivnas per five kittens to people who take animals in cardboard boxes and receive money from the former owner in return for their promise to find new owner for these animals. Such kind of people has name “korobochniki”. After two or three days these baby animals will appear at the street, because “korobochniki” won’t search new owners for animals but they will throw out of these luckless animals into parks or basements! That is why all residents who have unneutered animals increase the quantity of homeless animals in our city!
There are dramatic pictures of homeless animals near the table of the propagandists for the neutering. Some of animals were adopted; some of them were poisoned or were killed by human cruelty. People said this unconsoling proportion takes place in real life: just half of animals could be saved, but if we told about their further adoption, we would have considerably less quantity of cases. That is why our representatives are fighting for neutering, because it is a real problem to find kind owners for a lot of baby animals. The neutering contributes to make the decreasing of quantity of homeless animals. This is much more humane and easier way. But we have to reconsider people’s mind, but just that part of them who assume that their pets’ deprivation of sexual activity and motherhood is cruel and blasphemous act.

- People treating animals kindly understand the results of uncontrolled reproduction of the pet animals and come to us willingly and take our leaflets. Other part of people passes by us without saying any word. They won’t be persuaded in neutering safety for their cats and dogs, - Marina is complaining. – But we will hold such activities in usual basic for knocking to the closed people hearts. Because every cat or dog is merit being at home and has responsible owner!

Moreover animal advocates gathered votes against poisoning of animals in Kharkov and using of anesthetizing drug during surgeries.