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Kharkov NGOs asked to neuter animals
On the International Stray Animals Day near the monument to Taras Shevchenko the members of public organization asked all citizens of Kharkov not to breed non pedigree cats and dogs and not to give them to bad hands.
Several dozens of photos about the life and fate of homeless animals were displayed that day in Shevchenko garden by the members of the social organization “Animal Help League”. On the photos there are dogs and cats that were left outside by their owners, the volunteers say.
According to the event “Open your eyes” the volunteers were walking with cartons. There were inscriptions on them: “give something for milk” and “takeS kittens”. Frankly speaking they refused this idea because some pedestrians came up to the volunteers and proposed their kittens.
That was the modeling of the situation that we can see near the entrances of underground stations, markets, parks. These people take kittens to “rehome” for some pay. Our League wants to show the reverse side of the medal – there are minimum ten animals in a box. We want people to think how many animals can really be settled and what happens to them when there are no “good hands” for them. Mainly they are thrown away or they die of different infections, the member of the organization says.
Generally non-pedigree animals suffer, “Animal Help League” is sure. There is no big demand for them that’s why they are simply thrown away, outside, the head of the supervisory board, Natalya Sorokopud says.

“The city is overloaded with non-pedigree animals, there are no place for them. Let those people who breed pedigree animals with documents breed them, if they can provide sufficient conditions. One shouldn’t breed non-pedigree animals, there are a lot of them already,” Sorokopud says.

She also says that the only way to lessen the quantity of the non-pedigree animals is not to breed them at all. And if an owner wants to have puppies and kittens, they must make sure that they provide good future of their cats and dogs.
During the event the members of the “League” were gathering signatures on the letter to the prime-minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov. In the document the organization asks the official to revise the resolution in which “Ketamin” was put to the list of drug substances.