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Open Your Eyes! Or how we told Kharkov about animal black market.
  16th of August is the international day of homeless animals – all world holds different activities which are devoted to help our four-legged friends. Animal Help League, in its turn, conducted and interactive event “Open your eyes!” which was held in Shevchenko City Park. Our main goal is telling the citizens about illegal animals’ trade called “korobochnik” (from Russian name of cardboard box) and appealing for feasible support in stopping this cruel business.

It seems that stray animal problem is concerning just government and its departments. But we aggravate problem according to the lack of information about importance of our role. We had strived to bring this idea to every passerby who stopped and was interested in our photo gallery. This gallery was composed of a collection of happy and ill-fated stories and finally it had huge impact on people mind. There were a lot of rescued from “korobochnik” kittens and puppies’ pictures, photos of furry victims of the cruel animals’ trade business. Moreover, there were children’s pictures with an appeal don’t let to abandon of home pets.

The volunteers of the Animal Help League have acted the part in ironic way like the ladies who bringing cardboard boxes filled up with the soft toys and typical inscriptions with grammar mistakes, which “korobochnik” usually did: “TAIK KITTIES” and “GIV MONY FOR MILK”. Our participants came to people and asked them if they saw such arrogant supporters who promised to find the kindly masters for pets after paying prescribed amount of money to them. Receiving answers, our volunteers have been sharing their experience in meetings with such “kind ladies” and have been talking awful stories about animals’ fates after these cardboard boxes.

It was the logic further question about alternative of “kind ladies” just in legal and proper way, because all charitable shelters couldn’t take the increasing army of homeless pets. Unfortunately, not everyone understands importance of neutering as the most effective and humane measure of animals quantity regulation. There were different reasons for misunderstanding: firstly, the price for this surgery, secondly, it was usual distrust. As the result some people were convinced of the necessity of neutering and received from our League the discount coupons for sterilization of their cared pets. Moreover, three volunteers have agreed to pay for neutering the pets of needy people.
Even though this activity was just a little step for wellfare of Ukrainian animals, but we gathered additional votes for support of humane anesthesia at the veterinary medicine. And some more hearts were melted.

Natalia Sorokopud,
Animal Help League member
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