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Главная Questions and Answers Why you help animals, instead of people?
Why you help animals, instead of people?
Why do you waste time, forces, money and your soul to the aid for animals, in fact in our world there is so much evil to people? People need  help first of all.

Such statement of the question is absolutely incorrect. It is impossible to construct gradation of importance of help. Those who speak that to care for animals is immoral, while on the Earth there is at least one suffering person, should require, that doctors treated only the heaviest patients, teachers engaged only lagging most behind, and policemen were engaged only by the heaviest criminals. Or, for example, that sellers or accountants threw the trade and started to treat people or work as rescuers.
If we admit such, everyone can help another's only when our family, neighbours and friends will live without any problems. But in fact it is absurd. If this had happened,then the end of the culture would come. The people who are raising the question as to, that human problems is more important than problems of animals , frequently themselves require the argumentation as an apology and an excuse, to not help neither animals, nor people. Unable to order his soul to help anyone. The  compassion , desire to help, relieve an another's pain arise in the form of irrational feeling. That is feelings which reason it is impossible to explain. The people helping near, distant or animals, as a rule, do not theorize about the reasons of their acts. Someone helps animals just because feels: four-legged– the weakest inhabitant of our planet, it is defenceless in front of power of human society and cannot stand up for themselves. Besides, it is absolutely wrong to differentiate goodness to animals and to people . A merciful act– increases total goodness in the world. The one who is kind and sympathetic to the pain of a four-legged creatures, will respond to the   pain of a person with the same eagerness. If there is no compassion in his heart, such soul is not touched by anyone's suffering.