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Главная Questions and Answers Why do I have to love dogs?
Why do I have to love dogs?

You tell compassionate histories about unfortunate dogs, some of them are rescued by you. Why should I love homeless dogs, in fact in childhood I was bitten by one of them?

 You certainly, don’t have to love someone. To cause this feeling using force is impossible- it is born in a soul of a person.

We wish to show, that animals are defenceless near humans and depend on us. That for a situation with   homeless animals , , we, people, are responsible. We show, that the dogs   adopted from street, becoming house also make their owners happy, giving them love and fidelity. We speak about   mercy,  compassion, keenness to our smaller brothers - both pets and strays.

Of course, in your memory for a lifetime the dog bite has left an imprint. But the man differs from the animal who acts on the basis of instincts and
 reflexes, by distinguishing ability to analyze, draw conclusions, identify the causes, separate them from the consequences. In everyone's life, certainly, there have been hurt, betrayal, or the ugly deeds of the people- relatives or strangers. But what would our life become,
 if after every such case the offended became embittered on all of mankind?

You have been bitten by a dog… This may have been caused by your carelessness, wrong behavior, failure to understand the animals'   language . Or you might have faced animal's unmotivated aggressiveness. In any case thousands of other animals mistn't be the object of revenge.

You don't have to force yourself to love stray animals − just try to get rid of your hatred towards them and don't try to revenge.