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Главная News “The Dog Issue: It’s Not the Problem of Stray Pets, It’s a Problem with Humans”
“The Dog Issue: It’s Not the Problem of Stray Pets, It’s a Problem with Humans”

Animal advocates from Chernigiv, a regional center in Ukraine, have been trying for years to convince the city administration that the problem of stray pets can be handled in a humane and efficient way, i.e. by their sterilization. However, V.L. Antoshin, Chief of the Municipal Administration Agency, is all for stray pet euthanasia.

Why is a municipal official pressing such a low-efficient and high-cost method of controlling the stray pet population and is so vigorously opposed to animal advocates’ suggestions to deal with the problem using up-to-date technologies?

!!!!! The Table – Lie and Truth -

The basic lie is the Chief municipal management official’s statements that he has the needs and problems of Chernigiv residents on his mend. Upholding an inefficient and unreasonable (in terms of economic evaluation) project, V.L. Antoshin is motivated exclusively by the next city budget “cutting” that should be compensated at the expense of tax payers. We ask all residentd of Chernigiv to share with us their ideas concerning the ways of handling the painful “dog” problem!

Stray Dogs: How to Help Our Junior Brothers

Chernigiv has never had any agency dealing with the problem of stray pets. Before now, the city service that operated as a section of the Municipal Administration Agency, killed stray dogs on the spot, while currently more sophisticated methods of killing them have been devised, so that no one would see these atrocities, while the agency would resort to different methods and using the smoke screen of nice words about humanism.


Before 2008 dogs were killed on the spot by shooting from a special device charged with dithilene. A dose of this substance results in the sceletal muscle paralysis and respiratory depression. Dogs were dying of suffocation for hours while remaining conscious. If the dose was not enough to bring about the death without undue delay, dogs were killed by hand or loaded, half-alive, into trucks and taken out of the city to die at the dump. This system operated for over 30 years. Dogs were classified as solid domestic waste. According to official statistical dogs of the Municipal Administration Agency, 2,000 dogs were killed on a yearly basis. This is the most convincing evidence of the fact that such methods not only fell short of resolving the problem, but, instead, exacerbated it, with new stray dogs immediately substituting the filled ones.


The Municipal Administration Agency once again made public its projects of eliminating stray dogs. According to it, a new facility will be opened to do away with both stray gods and those that were left without their owners’ control. Dogs will be brought to this place and, next, put to death in a “humane” way, unless the pet’s owner or guardian reclaims it within a few days. Besides, if a any person would like to take the dog from the MAA concentration camp, he or she will have to a fine ranging from 340 to 1,300 UAH (34 to 130 euro) and also about 600 UAH, the amount the Municipal Administration Agency charges, on the basis of its calculation, for catching the dog and keeping it for 6 days. This means that the dogs’ deaths can turn out to be a profitable enough business…


Catching dogs to kill them would never improve the situation; instead, it will only deteriorate. The population rejuvenates and responds to extermination with more intense reproduction. In any text-book on biology one can find the explanation that rapid population decline (by killing) with the food reserve remaining intact (which means here kind people and scrap heaps) will cause higher birth rates and species survival, the so-called population wave. In addition, a new generation, according to Darwin’s theory of evolution, will be more watchful and better suited for survival. This thesis was checked in the western countries years ago, and the methods practiced in many cities of Russia and Ukraine also showed the same processes. Therefore, such “handling of the issue” is not only far from humane, but also inefficient, and we had enough time to see that killing dogs does not address the problem of excessive numbers of stray dogs. TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM MEANS TO CONTROL ITS CAUSE

The best possible solution is to control reproduction of pets, as we know that the army of stray dogs is sustained by “extra” pets left by their owners outside home. First, we need to realize and recognize that the problem has been caused by out own irresponsible behavior towards pets, by not controlling their reproduction, even when it is obvious that supply exceeds demand. There is no alternative to dog and cat sterilization. This is the way that enabled to actually solve the problem of stray dogs and cats in the entire civilized world. Experts are assured that we will benefit from using the experience of handling “the dog issue” by developed countries that practiced, on a large scale, catching and sterilizing female dogs and vaccination against hydrophobia and other infective diseases. Some of the caught dogs that display potentially aggressive habits need to be withdrawn from the city streets. These dogs, however, amount, according to statistical data, to no more than 3 to 5% of all the stray dogs, and withdrawing them from the should not be particularly challenging.

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