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Special Animals
Fortunately it is not in animals' nature to suffer from hang-ups and prejudice. Animals as a rule don't even feel uncomfortable without eyesight or a paw. They adapt to new conditions and remain devoted, joyful and playful. The majority of such animals don't need special care. Some of them don't differ from their mates but need special food or additional care. But the main thing for all of them is a bowl with food and an owner's hand they can rub against or lick. Their main peculiarity is that they become more vulnerable to the dangers of life in the streets. That is why they especially need our care and protection. If you want to adopt a dog or a cat, please draw your attention to these candidates.

Meet Atos and find out his story
Meet strekoza and find out her story
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Meet Roy and find out his story
Meet Seriy and find out his story
Meet Lana and find out her story
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